Monday, November 30, 2009

We have arrived Bodhgaya..our travel was long but we are here and the power of this place is magnificent...the potential for a brilliant outcome is apparent. All concerned parties have shown great interest and cooperation in the work that lies ahead. Being here is being in a dream..and each facet of our work is unfolding at just the right time. We are so encouraged by the warm reception that we have received..and so ready to get started!!


  1. let's try this again.... Hey dream boyz... Thinking of you, and of course, wishing you joy and enlightenment..... xo millers

  2. TimO and Davis: keep us all up on what your progress. sounds like a blessed start to the work ahead.
    can you share photos of before and after, daily; so we can see the progress and the challenges you are facing?
    wishing happy learning to you both, and all involved.
    i would imagine Bodhgaya soil is deep. let us know as it unfolds.
    love, the real Tim o'Shea