Friday, November 6, 2009

Bodhgaya Peace Park . south garden . Mahabodhi Temple

These garden plans were developed to revitalize a disused area of the
Mahabodhi Temple grounds to the south of Mucalinda Lake.
This Peace Park will facilitate walking meditation by creating greater
connection to the adjacent areas.
The Scripture Garden will display plant species both mentioned in Buddhist
scriptures and known to be growing in the Buddha's lifetime.
Shade trees and the Meditation Houses/ Veranda allow for restful
contemplation and mindful awareness.
This plan was designed by Tim O'Shea of Greenworks Design and Davis Dalbok
of Living Green with direction from Wangmo and Richard Dixey of the Light
of the Buddhadharma Foundation International.


  1. Tim and Davis,
    This is truly a wonderful experience for you.
    I'm sure that your vision will bear beautiful fruit and that many people in the future will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    An excerpt from Hakuin Zenji's Song on Zazen, " How boundless and free is the sky of Awareness!
    How bright the full moon of wisdom!
    Truly, is anything missing now ?
    Nirvana is right here, before our eyes;
    this very place is the Lotus Land;
    this very body, the Buddha.

    Looking forward to experiencing your 'Lotus Land' someday soon.

    Michelle Derviss

    ps- come join our sangha in San Rafael on Monday nights !

  2. Hi Davis and Tim,
    I'm so excited for you as you begin the implementation of your beautiful plans! I hope you'll fully document your work as you go. Creating a record of this stage of change to these universally important cultural landscapes is so important and will be meaningful to many people. At least a book, if not a film, about your process would be wonderful.
    Love and congratulations,

  3. Davi and Tim,
    Will follow your adventures and progress every step along the path... this is truly an amazing project and feat !
    morgan in Paris

  4. Hey Davis, Do you remember me, Liam, a friend of Michael's from thirty years back in San Francisco. I'm following your blog. I spend a lot of time in India myself, especially in Uttar Pradesh. Would love to chat sometime. (We've also built our own home (still in France) with Asian artifacts and landscaping.) I've tried your email address but it doesn't work.
    Sending you a lot of affection for your work and travels ... Liam

  5. Yeah, I forgot: liamsalter2@google,com